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FlipOut! stands in a class of its own and is the most unique new game table to hit the market in decades!

Combining elements of several different games that we've all grown to love, this fun, arcade-style game begins when 19 balls are released into gameplay with 4 players and that's when the bedlam starts!

There are 15 white balls worth 1 point each, 3 red balls worth 2 points each, and 1 black ball worth 3 points.

As these balls race towards goals and bounce off bumpers, each player must use their flippers to avoid allowing balls into their goal while trying to flip the balls towards their fellow players. When all the balls have been scored, the 4 players add up their points and the player with the lowest point total wins!

For added fun, you can keep track of total points and pick a set number of games to cumulatively play.

  • A unique new game table for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Dark Brown Exterior with Chrome and Black Accents
  • Includes 15 White Balls, 3 Red Balls, 1 Black Ball
  • Patent Pending
  • Dimensions: 59.5"W x 59.5"D x 31"H
  • Weight: 182 lbs.