Bring your table back to life! New felt & new cushions can add that new table feel without the cost of a new table! We have several colors & types of cloth to select from! Not sure what color to go with? Give us a call at 773-443-2776 and we will help!

What does a Re-Cover consist of?

Replacing the old cloth with a new cloth color of your choosing for the bed and rails. Assure that the frame and the playing surface are level, the cushions are in good shape, and the seams between the slates are smoothly sealed with wax or plaster where necessary.

What is a Re-Cushion: 

The old cushions are removed and the rail facings are cleaned of all glue. New cushions are applied and given time to dry before the cloth is applied.

*This service is done at the same time as a Re-cover, If needed.

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