Pool Table Moving/Relocating

We offer professional disassembly, relocation and re-assembly of your pool table by our experienced and trained mechanics!

Whether you need to need to move the table to a different location in the same home, or if you find a used pool table or given a pool table by a friend or family member, we will pick up the table from it's existing location and assemble it in your home! You just sit back relax and watch the magic! Having a renovation in your home and need the table out for a few days or maybe even a month? We have you covered! 

What does a pool table move entail?

  1. Disassembly: The table is carefully disassembled into pieces for transport or storage. Our mechanics are trained to ensure no pieces are damaged during the disassembly of the table. All parts will be set aside with care.
  2. Move: We will safely transport your table to it's new location, or to it's storage location.
  3. Assembly: When you're ready to have the pool table installed we ensure your table will be reassembled and leveled for the best performance. If your cloth is still in good condition and you wish to keep it the same, no problem! 

*Leveling of the table is always included mechanics ensure every table is level after service is preformed! We make sure to keep the balls rolling!

*We never recommend trying to move a pool table on your own. While it can look like it is as simple as moving your dining room table it is not. This can cause damage to the table as well as it no longer being level.

Pricing is dependent on a few factors:

  • Size of pool table 
  • Number of slate pieces 
  • Age and model of the pool table (i.e. if it requires special care)
  • Floor level (or number of stairs between ground floor and destination)
  • Distance from the old location to the new location

Give us a call, (773)443-2776 we will always do our best to provide affordable pricing!

We also service shuffleboard tables, poker and game tables, and other equipment on a case by case basis. Just reach out at the link below and we will get back to you with a quote.

*For safety reasons CueSmart Billiards employees cannot remove their shoes while moving a pool table or its components. We will make efforts to cover entry areas. We do, however, request that the home-owner take proper steps in this regard as well, i.e., shoveling snow when necessary, removing any debris, furniture, pets, children or other items that may cause trip hazards in the path to and around the work area, etc.


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